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Cookies & Privacy Policy

Barbican House uses services provided by third party persons or companies which make use of 'cookies', small text files containing basic usage information stored temporarily via your web browser on your computer. These files help with the functionality of the site and whilst they can be removed, may mean certain features become unusable or unavailable.

For more information about cookies visit the Wiki Page.

How Barbican House uses Cookies

Services provided by Barbican House typically use cookies to monitor both site and visitor activity, mainly to check where people are on the site and what the site is doing in relation to that visit. Cookies are also used for generalised and anonymous statistical purposes - where visitors are from (in a general sense), what pages are popular and so on - helpful for content and demographic measurement. With respect to Advertising, although Barbican House as a rule doesn't use third party offsite advertising, it may from time-to-time appear and in doing so may warrant the use of a cookie by that service.

At all times, cookie data is temporary in nature and is either deleted after use, or can be easily removed by clearing your browser cache. For more information about the removal of cookies visit

What does Barbican House use

Cookies are used for the following services/functions;

Cookie name

3rd Party Offsite

General Purpose

Google Analytics


Used to monitor visitors activity across the site for demographic purposed - country of origin, pages visited, time spent etc. Site wide usage. For more details visit Google.

Booking System


Third party service that facilitates the booking of property rooms and/or order tracking. May also include usage statistics. For more details visit Guestlink.

Social Media


Please refer to FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter for details.

Your Privacy

  • Cookies used on this site do not contain any personal information.

  • Cookie data cannot be used to identify you as a living breathing person.

  • Data tends to be anonymous and statistically general in nature.

  • Barbican House does not harvest, or solicit for harvesting, emails or other contact details.

  • Barbican House does not sell any email address and/or contact details to any third parties^.

  • Communication with Barbican House is in the strictest confidence*.

  • Your privacy is very important to us and respected at all times.